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CRC Press
11 March 2015
Analysis and Design of Marine Structures V contains the papers presented at MARSTRUCT 2015, the 5th International Conference on Marine Structures (Southampton, UK, 25-27 March 2015).

The MARSTRUCT series of conferences started in Glasgow, UK in 2007, the second event of the series took place in Lisbon, Portugal (2009), while the third was in Hamburg, Germany (2011), and the fourth in Espoo, Finland (2013). This conference series deals with Ship and Offshore Structures, addressing the following topics:

- Methods and Tools for Loads and Load Effects - Methods and Tools for Strength Assessment; Experimental Analysis of Structures - Materials and Fabrication of Structures - Methods and Tools for Structural Design and Optimisation - Structural Reliability, Safety and Environmental Protection This book is essential reading for academics, engineers and all professionals involved in the area of design of marine and offshore structures.
Edited by:   C. Guedes Soares (CENTEC Technical University of Lisbon Portugal), R.A. Shenoi (University of Southampton, UK)
Imprint:   CRC Press
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 246mm,  Width: 174mm,  Spine: 53mm
Weight:   1.497kg
ISBN:   9781138027893
ISBN 10:   1138027898
Pages:   800
Publication Date:   11 March 2015
Audience:   College/higher education ,  Further / Higher Education
Format:   Mixed media product
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface Organisation Wave loads and responses Experimental investigation of the influence of hull damage on ship responses in waves S.S. Bennett & A.B. Phillips Unstructured MEL scheme for 3D body nonlinear ship hydrodynamics A.C. Chapchap & P. Temarel An initial estimation of DP requirements for a non-moored operational FPSO G.E. Hearn & G.C. Bratu CFD based computation of bow impact loads for buckling assessment J. Oberhagemann, M. Radon, H. von Selle & D.K. Lee Comparison of two practical methods for seakeeping assessment of damaged ships J. Parunov, M. Corak & I. Gledic Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method for modelling 2-dimensional free surface hydrodynamics M.Z. Ramli, P. Temarel & M. Tan Wave-induced responses of a bulk carrier in heading and following seas X.L. Wang, R.M. Liu & J.J. Hu Numerical simulation of the dynamics of a large moored tanker S. Zhang, Q. Jin, J. Xin, T. Li, P. Temarel & W. Geraint Price Hydroelasticity Slamming impact loads on high-speed craft sections using two-dimensional modelling J. Camilleri, D.J. Taunton & P. Temarel Non-linear hydroelastic and fatigue analyses for a very large bulk carrier B. Cristea, C.I. Mocanu & L. Domnisoru Hydroelastic analysis of a flexible barge in regular waves using coupled CFD-FEM modelling P. Lakshmynarayanana, P. Temarel & Z. Chen Vibrations Simplified method for natural frequency analysis of stiffened panel 1 E. Avi, A. Laakso, J. Romanoff & I. Lillemae Investigation of vibrational power flow patterns in damaged plate structures for damage localisation P. Boonpratpai & Y.P. Xiong Influence of the sea action on the measured vibration levels in the comfort assessment of mega yachts E. Brocco, L. Moro, P.N. Mendoza Vassallo, M. Biot, D. Boote, T. Pais & E. Camporese A computational framework for underwater shock response of marine structures 131 C. Diyaroglu, D. De Meo & E. Oterkus Liquid sloshing analysis for independent tank with elastic supports W. Liu, H.X. Xue & W.Y. Tang Numerical simulation of the dynamic behaviour of resilient mounts for marine diesel engines L. Moro, E. Brocco, P.N. Mendoza Vassallo, M. Biot & H. Le Sourne Characteristic of low and middle frequency underwater noise of a catamaran F.Z. Pang, Y.Z. Xue, D. Tang, S. Li & Y.P. Xiong Simulation of the vibration characteristics of a propulsion system excited by hull deformations Z. Tian, X.P. Yan, C. Zhang & Y.P. Xiong A new approach to analyze the underwater vibration of double layer ribbed cylinder F. Wang, Y. Xiong, Z. Weng & L. He Impact resistance assessment of shipboard equipment considering spectrum dip effect Y.J. Yang, M. Yu, X.B. Li & L.H. Feng Natural frequencies of eccentric cylindrical shells filled with pressurized fluid G.J. Zhang, T.Y. Li, X. Zhu, L. Xiong & Y.P. Xiong Magnetorheological elastomer materials and structures with vibration energy control for marine application G. Zhu, Y.P. Xiong, S. Daley & R.A. Shenoi Fatigue Corrosion fatigue crack growth in offshore wind monopile steel HAZ material O. Adedipe, F. Brennan & A. Kolios Improvements in fatigue strength assessment of marine propellers C. Bertoglio, S. Gaggero, C.M. Rizzo, M. Viviani, C. Vaccaro & F. Conti Fatigue crack growth performance of laser hybrid and arc welds of AH36 naval steels E.V. Chatzidouros, T. Tsiourva, D.I. Pantelis & A. Lopez Overload and dwell time effects on crack growth property of high strength titanium alloy TC4 ELI used in submersibles F. Wang, W.C. Cui, Y.Y. Wang & Y.S. Shen Consideration of stress gradient effects for complex structures in local fatigue approaches C. Fischer & W. Fricke Fatigue assessment of joints at bulb profiles by local approaches C. Fischer, W. Fricke & C.M. Rizzo Fatigue life improvement of laser-welded web-core steel sandwich panels using filling materials D. Frank, J. Romanoff & H. Remes A full-scale fatigue test on longitudinal-through-bulkhead detail by using equivalent angle bar Q. Yi, J. Yue, Y. Liu, W. Tang & Z. He Springing effect on the fatigue life of an 8000TEU container ship P.-K. Liao, Y.-J. Lee, H.-J. Lin, S.-C. Tsai, H.-L. Chien, B.C. Chang & G.M. Luo A fracture mechanics based approach for the analysis of crack growth at weld joints of ship structures B.Q. Lou, S. Zhang, J. Tong, S. Wong, F. Cheng & S. Hirdaris A study on the effect of hull girder vibration on the fatigue strength M. Oka, T. Niwa & K. Takagi Fatigue strength of welded extra high-strength and thin steel plates H. Remes, M. Peltonen, T. Seppanen, A. Kukkonen, S. Liinalampi, I. Lillemae, P. Lehto, H. Hanninen, J. Romanoff & S. Nummela Investigation of weld root fatigue of single-sided welded T-joints W. Sundermeyer, W. Fricke & H. Paetzold Fatigue data of High-Frequency Mechanical Impact (HFMI) improved welded joints subjected to overloads H.C. Yildirim & G. Marquis Application of wave models to fatigue assessment of offshore floating structures T. Zou, M.L. Kaminski & X.L. Jiang Structural analysis A simplified FE model for the non-linear analysis of container stacks subject to inertial loads due to ship motions E. Brocco, L. Moro & M. Biot Structural Health Monitoring of marine structures by using inverse Finite Element Method A. Kefal & E. Oterkus Method for estimating soft clay type seabed embedment by pipeline movement D.K. Kim, M.S. Liew, S.Y. Yu, K.S. Park & H.S. Choi Assumptions and reality: Stress states in uniaxial tension test M. Korgesaar Dynamic analysis of ring stiffened conical-cylindrical shell combinations with general coupling and boundary conditions X.L. Ma, G.Y. Jin, Y.P. Xiong & Z.G. Liu The determination of ice-induced loads on the ship hull from shear strain measurements M. Suominen, J. Romanoff, H. Remes & P. Kujala A study of cross deck effects on warping stresses in large container ships R. Villavicencio, S. Zhang & J. Tong Analysis on influence of spherical bulkhead reinforcement on stability S. Yuan, X.H. Miao & B. Luo Hull ultimate strength Structural capacity of an aging box girder accounting for the presence of a dent S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Strength analysis of ship shaped structures subjected to asymmetrical bending moment M. Tekgoz, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares A study on the effect of lateral loads on the hull girder ultimate strength of bulk carriers K. Toh & T. Yoshikawa Model test on the ultimate longitudinal strength of a damaged box girder Y. Yamada & T. Takami Ultimate strength Influence of shear-induced secondary bending on buckling of web-core sandwich panels J. Jelovica & J. Romanoff Influence of lateral pressure on load-shortening behavior of stiffened panels under combined loads L. Jiang & S. Zhang Elastic shear buckling capacity of the longitudinally stiffened flat panels S. Kitarovic, J. Andric & K. Piric Strength of aluminium alloy ship plating under combined shear and compression/tension M.S. Syrigou, S.D. Benson & R.S. Dow Effects of initial imperfection shapes on plate ultimate strength under combined loads S. Zhang & L. Jiang Damaged structures Statistics of still water bending moment of damaged ships B. Buzancic Primorac, M. Corak & J. Parunov Multiphysics modelling of Stress Corrosion Cracking by using peridynamics D. De Meo, C. Diyaroglu, N. Zhu, E. Oterkus & M. Amir Siddiq Progressive collapse of intact and damaged stiffened panels A. Leelachai, S.D. Benson & R.S. Dow Comparative analysis of HCSR based on ultimate strength of intact ships and residual strength in damaged condition W. Lei, W.Z. Quan & H.J. Hao Residual strength of a severely damaged box-girder with non-uniform and inter-crystalline corrosion S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Structural design Investigation into the implications of increasing minimum manhole access requirements in marine structures P. Eames, H. Hickson & J.M. Underwood Structural design and optimisation of an aluminium trimaran D. Fuentes, M. Salas, G. Tampier & C. Troncoso Efficient optimization framework for robust and reliable structural design considering interval uncertainty Y. Liu & M.D. Collette Multi-objective optimization of lightweight modular sandwich panels A. Milat, T. Tomac, D. Frank, D. Dundara, O. Kuzmanovic & V. Radolovic Fabrication technology Numerical investigation of welding induced distortion of a stiffened plate structure Z. Chen, Z.C. Chen & R.A. Shenoi Reduction in weld induced distortions of butt welded plates subjected to preventive measures M. Hashemzadeh, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Buckling mitigation of stiffened panels through thermomechanical tensioning N.R. Mandal, S. Kumar, D. Podder, A. Gadagi & T. Mathew Numerical analysis of residual stress in butt-welded High Tensile Strength steel structures Y.X. Wan, Y.P. Xiong & L.B. Li Composite structures Comparison of effective breadth definitions large composite top-hat stiffened grillages E. Arnaud, A.J. Sobey & J.I.R. Blake Static and fatigue tests of hybrid composite-to-steel butt joints E.A. Kotsidis, P. Yarza, N.G. Tsouvalis, R. de la Mano & E. Rodriguez-Senin Mechanical characterization of yachts and pleasure crafts fillers G. Nebbia, C.M. Rizzo, M. Gaiotti & A. Caleo Composite riser design and development-A review D.-C. Pham, S. Narayanaswamy, X. Qian, W. Zhang, A.J. Sobey, M. Achintha & R.A. Shenoi Steel or composite car deck structure-a comparison analysis of weight, strength and cost J.W. Ringsberg Crashworthiness Numerical crashworthiness analysis of an offshore wind turbine monopile impacted by a ship A. Bela, L. Buldgen, Ph. Rigo & H. Le Sourne Development of a failure strain surface in average stress triaxiality and average lode angle domains of a low temperature high strength steel J. Choung, S.J. Park & G.T. Tayyar Structural response of ship bottom floor plating during shoal grounding Z.G. Gao & Z.Q. Hu Non-linear finite element analysis of crashworthy shields of offshore wind turbine supporting structures B. Liu, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Modelling of structural damage and environmental consequences of tanker grounding K. Tabri, R. Aps, A. Mazaheri, M. Heinvee, A. Joensson & M. Fetissov Renewable energies devices A study on the short and long-term analysis of nonlinear hydrodynamic force on an Energy Saving Device D.B. Lee, H.J. Kim & B.-S. Jang Numerical simulation of multi-body wave point-absorber L. Li, M. Tan & J.I.R. Blake Optimized topology design for substructure of 10MW grade floating type Wave-Wind Hybrid Power Generation System C.Y. Song, H.C. Song, C.S. Shim, J.H. Park & Y.Y. Park Fatigue reliability of an offshore wind turbine supporting structure accounting for inspection and repair B. Yeter, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Uncertainty and reliability System reliability analysis of a ship deck structure for buckling collapse and corrosion limit states B. Gaspar & C. Guedes Soares Effect of the aspect ratio on the ultimate compressive strength of plate elements with non-uniform corrosion B. Gaspar, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares Uncertainty analysis of the energy absorbed in beam and plate elements under impulsive loading B. Liu & C. Guedes Soares Effects of input uncertainty on composite patch disbond under impact loading S.C. TerMaath & D.C. Hart Experimental study on the rear bearing load characteristics considering uncertainty external loading S.D. Zhang, Z.L. Liu, X.P. Yan, Y. Jin & B. Qin Author index

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