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An Introduction to Pain and its relation to Nervous System Disorders

Anna A. Battaglia



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John Wiley & Sons Inc
06 May 2016
Neurology & clinical neurophysiology; Pain & pain management
Introduction to Pain and its relation to Nervous System Disorders provides an accessible overview of the latest developments in the science underpinning pain research, including, but not limited to, the physiological, pathological and psychological aspects. This unique book fills a gap in current literature by focussing on the intricate relationship between pain and human nervous system disorders such as Autism, Alzheimer Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Depression and Multiple Sclerosis. This fully illustrated, colour handbook will help non-experts, including advanced undergraduate and new postgraduate students, become familiar with the current, wide-ranging areas of research that cover every aspect of the field from chronic and inflammatory pain to neuropathic pain and biopsychosocial models of pain, functional imaging and genetics.

Contributions from leading experts in neuroscience and psychiatry provide both factual information and critical points of view on their approach and the theoretical framework behind their choices. An appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of brain imaging technology applied to pain research in humans provides the tools required to understand current cutting edge literature on the topic. Chapters covering placebo effects in analgesia and the psychology of pain give a thorough overview of cognitive, psychological and social influences on pain perception. Sections exploring pain in the lifecycle and in relation to nervous system disorders take particular relevance from a clinical point of view. Furthermore, an intellectually stimulating chapter analysing the co-morbidity of pain and depression provides a philosophical angle rarely presented in related handbooks. The references to external research databases and relevant websites aim to prompt readers to become critical and independent thinkers, and motivate them to carry out further reading on these topics.

Introduction to Pain and its relation to Nervous System Disorders is essential reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in neuroscience, medical and biomedical sciences, as well as for clinical and medical healthcare professionals involved in pain management.
Edited by:   Anna A. Battaglia
Imprint:   John Wiley & Sons Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 247mm,  Width: 193mm,  Spine: 24mm
Weight:   1.108kg
ISBN:   9781118455913
ISBN 10:   1118455916
Pages:   440
Publication Date:   06 May 2016
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
List of contributors ix Foreword xiii Acknowledgements xv Notes on authors xvii Introduction 1 Section I: Neurobiology of pain: Recent advances 11 1 Anatomy of pain pathways 13 Andrew J. Todd 2 Spinal plasticity of the nociceptive system: The role of central sensitization in chronic pain states 35 Alban Latremoliere 3 Symptoms and pathology in neuropathic pain 89 Matthew Thakur and Stephen B. McMahon 4 Recent advances in neuroimmune interactions in neuropathic pain: The role of microglia 123 Elizabeth A. Old, Louise S. C. Nicol and Marzia Malcangio 5 Genetics and epigenetics of pain 149 Franziska Denk and Stephen B. McMahon 6 The cannabinoid system and its role in nociception 169 Massimiliano Beltramo 7 EphB receptors and persistent pain 201 Isabella Gavazzi Section II: Pain in the brain 225 8 Brain imaging in experimental pain 227 Massieh Moayedi and Tim V. Salomons 9 Placebo effects in pain 249 Luana Colloca, Adam P. Horin and Damien Finniss 10 Psychology and pain 267 Lance M. McCracken Section III: Pain in the lifecycle and in nervous system disorders 281 11 Pain in neonates and infants 283 Fiona Moultrie, Sezgi Goksan, Ravi Poorun and Rebeccah Slater 12 How do people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) experience pain? 295 Cecile Rattaz, Amandine Dubois and Amaria Baghdadli 13 Pain and depression: The janus factor of human suffering 317 Angela Iannitelli and Paola Tirassa 14 Pain in multiple sclerosis: From classification to treatment 345 Claudio Solaro and Michele Messmer 15 Pain perception in dementia 361 Miriam Kunz and Stefan Lautenbacher 16 The role of cognitive impairment in the placebo and nocebo effects 373 Martina Amanzio 17 An overview of pain in parkinson s disease 387 Panagiotis Zis, Elisaveta Sokolov and Kallol Ray Chaudhuri Appendix: Interviews with chronic pain patients 409 Index 000

Dr Anna A. Battaglia, School of Biomedical Sciences, King's College London, Currently a Lecturer in the Department of Anatomy & Human Sciences at King's College London. Research interests include: Chronic pain; Eph Receptors and ephrins; Biopsychosocial models of chronic pain. Her research experience has led her to developing new ideas in the pedagogy of Neuroscience and of scientific disciplines in general. She runs a third year undergraduate module called: Perspectives on Nervous System disorders. I am also setting up a Pain Scenario for MBBS2 students on the Neurobiology of Pain and on the interdisciplinary management of chronic pain syndromes, with the aim to fill a gap in the undergraduate medical education.

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