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Aimer Encore

Olivier Vojetta

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05 November 2022

Cet amour est la preuve que je valais quelque chose !
Quand un soir, Stella remarque Guillaume sur un site de rencontre, elle tombe immédiatement sous son charme. Aveuglée par ses sentiments naissants, Stella sombre corps et âme dans une spirale affective où réalité et fiction se confondent. Mais alors que les jours passent, ses sentiments se renforcent, et les messages s'assombrissent.


Abandoned by her father, Stella self-sabotages and destroys any relationship she develops with the men that come and go from her life. William sees and engages with the world through his laptop screen, and dreams only of finding a reflection of himself there. Between the two of them, it is love at first sight.

And yet, there was no actual first meeting. Stella felt empty, but speaking to William each night on the phone, she finds herself entrusting herself to him and falling in love—whereas William, satisfied and comfortable, hides at home behind his laptop screen.

Here, imagination is all there is, the sole engine in this passion expressed through the selfies and photos they exchange—digital fragments of themselves left on their social networks and pages. Their connection grows—but any physical, real-life aspect to their relationship is missing….

This story depicting a toxic, virtual love between two people is not just a love story, but a psychological thriller which will have you hooked from chapter one.

ISBN:   9782384600700
ISBN 10:   2384600702
Publication Date:  
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active

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