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A History and Philosophy of Fluid Mechanics

G. A. Tokaty



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Dover Publications Inc.
28 June 1994
Through the centuries, the intricacies of fluid mechanics - the study of the laws of motion and fluids in motion - have occupied many of history's greatest minds. In this pioneering account, a distinguished aeronautical scientist presents a history of fluid mechanics focusing on the achievements of the pioneering scientists and thinkers whose inspirations and experiments lay behind the evolution of such disparate devices as irrigation lifts, ocean liners, windmills, fireworks and spacecraft.

The author first presents the basics of fluid mechanics, then explores the advances made through the work of such gifted thinkers as Plato, Aristotle, da Vinci, Galileo, Pascal, Newton, Bernoulli, Euler, Lagrange, Ernst Mach and other scientists of the 20th century. Especially important for its illuminating comparison of the development of fluid mechanics in the former Soviet Union with that in the West, the book concludes with studies of transsonic compressibility and aerodynamics, supersonic fluid mechanics, hypersonic gas dynamics and the universal matter-energy continuity. Professor G. A. Tokaty has headed the prestigious Aeronautical Research Laboratory at the Zhukovsky Academy of Aeronautics in Moscow, and has taught at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is Emeritus Professor of Aeronautics and Space Technology, The City University, London.
By:   G. A. Tokaty
Imprint:   Dover Publications Inc.
Country of Publication:   United States
Edition:   New edition
Dimensions:   Height: 215mm,  Width: 135mm,  Spine: 16mm
Weight:   303g
ISBN:   9780486681030
ISBN 10:   0486681033
Series:   Dover Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Pages:   272
Publication Date:   28 June 1994
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Paperback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Preface Basic definitions Fluids and life Water and air The first uses of fluids Mythology and fluids Plato and fluids Aristotle and the science of fluids The birth of fluidstatics Hero of Alexandria Through the Dark Ages to the Renaissance General remarks about Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo da Vinci's original works on fluids Leonardo's fluidmechanics Simon Stevin Galileo Galilei Evangelista Torricelli and Otto von Guericke Blaise Pascal Sir Isaac Newton Daniel Bernoulli Leonhard Euler Louis de Lagrange Jean le Rond d'Alembert Chevalier de Borda and others Chezy, Du Buat, Coulon, Hagen, Poiseuille and Girard Claude Louis M. H. Navier The birth of experimental fluidmechanics Benjamin Robins and Leonhard Euler Lazare Carnot, Pierre Simon de Laplace and others Augustin Louis Cauchy and others Hermann von Helmholtz and others Osborne Reynolds Mikhail Lomonossov and others The Russian School of scientific thought Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Nikolai Egorovich Zhukovsky Frederick Lanchester and others The Prandtl-Lanchester Lifting Line Theory Flettner's rudders Flettner's rotorship Flettner's rotor windmill Autorotating bodies Riabouchinsky, Mallock, Benard, von Karman William Froude and others Turbulent boundary layer and flow separation Methods of delaying flow separation Airscrews The inner structure of fluids The velocity of sound Ernest Mach and others The Chaplygin-Khristianovich method The drag wall Transsonic compressibility effects on lift Further notes on transsonic and aerodynamics Further notes on supersonic fluidmechanics: superfluidity Hypersonic gasdynamics The universal matter-energy continuity Index

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