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50 Lesson Plans for French Teachers

Step by Step

Steve Smith



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20 June 2020
This A4 sized book contains descriptions of 50 lesson plans for French classes. There are 20 for students in their first three years of study (KS3), 20 for learners who have done at least three years of study (KS4) and 10 for advanced learners. Each lesson consists a rationale (a justification for its use and procedures), a step-by-step description of what to do, along with the resources needed. These resources come in the form either of photocopiable sheets in the book itself or PowerPoint slides which can be found on the free-to-access, accompanying 50 Lesson Plans page on the resources site.

The book should be valuable for French teachers who wish to develop their lesson planning craft. In particular, you will learn how to build a scaffolded sequence of activities which will help students progress in the lesson and in others to come. The lessons come ready-to-go, but may also be adapted or used as models for similar lessons. The lessons help develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, often in an integrated way, and are based on sound second language learning principles such as the use of meaningful input, repetition and memorability. The focus of each lesson varies from phonics, to grammar, to oral communication, teacher-led work, pair work, listening skill and even traditional translation.

The book does not rely on one particular method. A range of lesson styles is included drawing on various traditions: the oral-situational approach, the communicative approach, the lexicogrammatical (chunking) approach, PPP (Presentation, Practice, Production) and grammar-translation. Many of the resources themselves come from, though some have been adapted or freshly written.

ISBN:   9798648621794
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Format:   Paperback
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