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5-Minute Selling

The Proven, Simple System That Can Double Your Sales ... Even When You Don't Have Time

Alex Goldfayn



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John Wiley & Sons Inc
10 August 2020
WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Add 50% to 100% to Your Sales In 5 Minutes Per Day 5-Minute Selling presents a proven, simple process that can double your sales, even if you don't have time for an elaborate new sales system. When you spend your days scrambling to take orders and resolving customer issues, there is little time for new sales techniques. This book is for you. In 5-Minute Selling, Alex Goldfayn describes how thousands of his clients and workshop attendees have generated dramatic annual sales growth with short bursts of action throughout the day. With three-second efforts throughout the day, you can add 50 to 100% to your sales.

The techniques in this book are simple but powerful:

You'll learn the power of picking up the phone proactively to call customers and prospects when nothing is wrong, because almost nobody does this You'll get approaches for offering customers additional products and services and asking about what else they are buying elsewhere because almost nobody does this either You'll also learn about the low-tech but incredibly effective singular impact of the hand-written note In short, 5-Minute Selling is about showing customers and prospects that we care about them more than our competition does with simple, repeated, lightning-fast, high-value, consistent communications.

Don't Read This Book, DO THIS BOOK:

5-Minute Selling lays out a Two-Week Challenge for you implement in your sales work. Follow the detailed process for five minutes per day, for 10 working days (less than one total hour of time), and, like thousands before you, you will begin to see dramatic improvements in your sales growth.
By:   Alex Goldfayn
Imprint:   John Wiley & Sons Inc
Country of Publication:   United States
Dimensions:   Height: 221mm,  Width: 140mm,  Spine: 25mm
Weight:   576g
ISBN:   9781119687658
ISBN 10:   1119687659
Pages:   352
Publication Date:   10 August 2020
Audience:   Professional and scholarly ,  Undergraduate
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
A Note about Selling in the Post-Pandemic World xi Acknowledgments xv About the Author xix Download Your Planners and Trackers xxi Preface: This Book is a System xxiii Part One: Introducing the 5-Minute Selling System 1 What is the 5-Minute Selling System? 2 2 I Don't Want You to Read This Book, I Want You to Do This Book 16 3 Take the 5-Minute Selling Two-Week Challenge 24 Part Two: Foundational Principles 4 90% of Salespeople Sell Reactively 32 5 The Terrible Impact of Reactive Selling 40 6 How to Break Out of the Reactive Selling Vicious Circle 46 7 Comparing Your Proactive Communications Pathways 52 8 The Key Mindsets to Fuel Your Sales Growth 60 9 Start Now, and Implement Consistently 70 10 Your Wins Will Come Quickly 78 Part Three: Implementation 11 First, Plan Your Calls and Follow-Ups for the Week 86 12 Keep a Quote or Proposal Tracker 96 13 Track Your Actions and Successes 104 14 What to Do If You Miss a Day 112 15 Yes, You Should Leave a Voicemail 118 16 Listen, Don't Talk 126 17 It Will Never Feel Perfect, so Just Take Action 132 Part Four: The 16 Proactive Communications That Will Grow Your Sales 18 All About These 16 Actions 140 19 Call Your Current and Former Best Customers 148 20 Call Your Small and Medium Customers to Make Them Bigger 158 21 Call Customers You Haven't Talked to in Three Months or More 164 22 Call Customers Who Used to Buy but Stopped 170 23 Call Customers Who Just Received an Order 176 24 Call Prospects 184 25 Expand Your Products and Services with Customers 196 26 Ask What Else Your Customers Are Buying from Other Suppliers 206 27 Looking Back and Selling Forward: Leverage Order History 214 28 Follow Up on Pre-Quote Opportunities 222 29 Follow Up on Quotes and Proposals 228 30 Ask and Receive: How to Always Ask for the Business 236 31 Ask Your Customers What Percent of Their Business You Have 244 32 Ask for Referrals 250 33 Send Handwritten Notes 260 34 Send Weekly High-Value Email Communications 266 Part Five: Launch! 35 What a Typical 5-Minute Selling Week Looks Like 274 36 5-Minute Selling Scripts and Language 286 37 The Work is the Magic Bullet 298 38 5-Minute Selling Mindset Manifesto 302 Index 307

ALEX GOLDFAYN grows companies. He is the CEO of the Revenue Growth Consultancy, which works with organizations to implement systems of remote and proactive selling that routinely generates 10%-20% in new overall sales annually. His clients include manufacturers, distributors, and business-to-business service organizations typically in mature industries that make the world go around. Alex delivers more than 75 workshops and keynotes yearly. Not only does Alex regularly implement the systems in this book for his clients, but he also applies the approaches in his own firm, one of the highest-grossing and most successful solo consulting practices of any kind in America.

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