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30-Second AI & Robotics

50 key notions, fields, and events in the rise of intelligent machines, each explained in half...

Luis de Miranda



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06 May 2019
Robotics; Artificial intelligence
Series: 30 Second
30-Second AI & Robotics will help the reader to navigate the world of ubiquitous computers, smart cities, and collaborative robots.

This comprehensive presentation of the core concepts and historical landmarks in robotics and artificial intelligence is a must-read for those who want to understand the important changes happening now in our everyday lives, in the workplace, and in our minds and bodies. What is deep in deep learning ? Can artificial intelligence really think? What will robots really look like in the near future? Is there a new class divide between those who understand technology and those who fear it? A clear and exhaustive introduction for non-specialists, 30-Second AI & Robotics will help the reader to navigate the world of ubiquitous computers, smart cities, and collaborative robots. At last, an optimistic and friendly book about our human possibilities in the time of automata.
By:   Luis de Miranda
Imprint:   Ivy
Country of Publication:   United Kingdom
Dimensions:   Height: 230mm,  Width: 180mm, 
ISBN:   9781782405474
ISBN 10:   178240547X
Series:   30 Second
Pages:   160
Publication Date:   06 May 2019
Audience:   General/trade ,  ELT Advanced
Format:   Hardback
Publisher's Status:   Active
Introduction Chapter 1: Fictional & Historical Robots Glossary 1. The Golem & Magic 2. Jacquet Droz & Eighteenth-Century Automatons 3. Karel Kapec's First Robots' 4. Metropolis & the Gynoid Maria PROFILE: ISAAC ASIMOV 5. Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey 6. Grey Walter's Turtles 7. Terminator & SkynetChapter 2: Artificial Intelligence & Computers Glossary 8. The Turing Test 9. Famous Intelligent Computers PROFILE: ALAN TURING 10. Machine Learning (Neural Networks) 11. Video Games & AI 12. Language Recognition & Translation 13. Embodied AI & Cognition 14. Art & AI 15. Can Machines Think?Chapter 3: Industrial, Corporate & Institutional AI & Robotics Glossary 16. Unimate, the First Industrial Robot 17. Expert & Security Systems 18. AI in Banking & Finance 19. Medical AI & Robot-assisted Surgery PROFILE: RODNEY BROOKS 20. Military AI & Robotics 21. Aerial Robotics 22. Space Exploration Robots & AI 23. AI in the Entertainment BusinessChapter 4: Social Robotics Glossary 24. Human-robot Interaction 25. Home Robots & Smart Homes 26. Autonomous Cars 27. Robots for the Elderly & People with Special Needs 28. Smart Assistants & Literate' Machines PROFILE: TAMAGOTCHI 29. Humanoid Robots 30. Chat Bots 31. AI in Education 32. Can Machines Have Common Sense, Cultural Awareness & Morality?Chapter 5: Cyborgs & Augmented Humans Glossary 33. Human Enhancement 34. Bionic Prosthesis & Exoskeletons 35. Intelligence Amplification 36. Genetic Engineering & Biorobotics PROFILE: ELON MUSK 37. Virtual Reality 38. Mind Uploading 39. Transhumanism & the SingularityChapter 6: Collective Robotics & AI Glossary 40. Multi-Robot Systems 41. Collective AI & Cloud Robotics 42. Robots & AI Competitions PROFILE: GEOFFREY HINTON 43. Nanobots 44. The Internet of Things 45. Evolutionary & Biometric AI & Robotics 46. Is the Internet a Hive Mind?Chapter 7: We, Anthrobot Glossary 47. Industry 4.0 48. The Three Laws of Robotics 49. Extended Minds PROFILE: HUBERT DREYFUS 50. The Merging of Robots, AI & Humans?Appendices Resources Notes on Contributors Index & Acknowledgements

Luis de Miranda,PhD (University of Edinburgh), is a philosopher and historian of ideas who has carried out research into anthrobotics, digital cultures and how technology is enmeshed with our everyday life. He is the author of several fiction as well as non-fiction books, for example L'Art d'etre libres au temps des automates ('The Art of Freedom in the Time of Automata'). He works on AI and digital humanities at OErebro University, Sweden.

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